A walk-through into Cartesi dApps ecosystem

IT ecosystems arecontinually evolving to create new useful ways to help and provide services to humans and the world in general so our society gets better and better. I bet you’re leaving in a cave if you haven’t heard of some trendy terms such as Artificial Inteligence, Big Data, Internet of Things, Robotics, Drones, Metaverse, Virtual and Augmente Reality, to name a few. But in reality, most of these terms are quite old in computer engineering science but for sure not so new to the majority of the public. This is because any particular technology needs years to explore unknown paths, build new tools, and fully develop to become really useful for our society and individuals in the end.

Blockchain is kind of one of the new kids on the block in terms of software technology, and because it’s in its early stages and there’s plenty of room to grow and create, we’ll be responsible for inventing a part of the future in humans lives. Cartesi is one of those crypto projects that are thinking ahead to create improved technology on the blockchain scene that will add value and speed the development of the ecosystem, by providing tools that help developers create Internet applications with complex functionalities that wouldn’t be possible nowadays with the available technology.

The purpose of this article is to walk through some interesting apps that are being built with Cartesi, that may give you a glimpse of what’s gonna be built with Cartesi technology in the near future. Hope it serves a clarifying vision for you read, so let’s begin with the walk.

Cartesi Texas HODL’em

Texas HODL’em is a Poker game built with Cartesi’s tools and run on the Cartesi blockchain network. Yes, I know there are tons of online poker games out there, so, what’s the thing with it?

Either you are or not a regular user of this kind of online games, you may have thought and even be suspicious about the trustworthyness of these sites and the algorithms they use. So some questions may pop up in your head like… Is this roulette being tricked to end up in numbers I did not picked? Is this cards game giving me the cards that will make me loose the game? Or even worse, are my cards visible to other people such as company workers? Are hackers taking advantage of their knowledge to change results in their favor? Did the price of the bet changed just before I submitted mine?

All these issues are mostly solved by decentralized technologies such as blockchain and Cartesi. So, casinos online gaming can benefit a lot from this technologies in different ways such as transparency, security, stability and cheat prevention(we’ll get deeper into these at the end of the article).

Is your poker online game being hacked? Who knows

Creepts Tower Defense

Tower defense games are a strategy game that have become a type of game on their own, like shooters, role playing games, or soccer ones. The mechanism basis is not very complicated and illustrates well how games can use blockchain technology in its favour.

Creepts host online tournaments where players can play just by signing in, each player play on their own computer as they would do with any other, but the special thing about is that all the moves of the gameplay are stored off-chain with Cartesi, so all games can be replayed or reviewed by anyone because are being executed and stored in a decentralized way. This gives us the possibility to check if participants have cheated or acted maliciously, if so a dispute on the results could opened and if a given participant is found guilty of misbehaviour it could be disqualified, pennalized or whatever solution. Once all the disputes are resolved, games results are settled and the runtime has verified everything is correct, then the needed data can be stored into the Ethereum blockchain.

Storing all the gamplay data at high throughput (as Creepts does) would be impossible in terms of speed times and transactions costs on a regular blockchain alone. Cartesi runtime environment with its computing and storage capacity sitting on top of a L1 blockchain makes it feasible.

Creol, Carbon Credits IoT

Carbon credits are a fundamental piece in today’s climate culture, and for companies and countries are the basic unit to buy/sell/produce in order to achieve being carbon neutral. Creol is company dedicated to providing services around carbon credits and emissions. In their way to carbon neutrality and sustainability, they are also creating a very cool solution for integrating carbon meassurement and certifications into the Internet of Things (IoT) and apply that solution into buildings, factories, homes, etc.

They’ve integrated Cartesi’s virtual machine into their IoT devices so that all gathered data from those can be securely verified and operated in a trustless manner to finally send metrics and scoring data, for issuing and granting realtime carbon emissions certifications. This kind of solution could avoid mostly all fraudulent actions done in this regard, and be a trustworthy and automated mechanism for controlling carbon emissions everywhere.

Final thoughts: pros of using Cartesi’s runtime

As we’ve seen with the poker game example, security is a very big concern in centralized gaming (and lots of other apps). Having a computation and storage layer such as Cartesi, can provide the level of trustiness of a blockchain making aplications available to the public with rock solid security.

Another big concern about centralized apps is its stability. It’s known that mostly any service (search engines, video on demand platforms, cloud providers) has suffered downtimes due to their centralized nature (servers relying on only one entity go down getting their services down with them). It’s a fact that decentralized technologies such as blockchain are very resilient, due to their decentralized and heterogenous nature, and can help achieve 0% downtime information systems, so applications running on Cartesi will benefit of this top feature too.

We’ve seen also how transparency plays a key role in applications trustiness and fairness, being Cartesi a great tool to develop online applications with transaparency and that provide fair dispute mechanisms for cheating and resolutions. Online gaming is a great example of a huge industry that will surely benefit from blockchain decentralized games and tournaments.

So in brief, Cartesi provides a runtime layer of computing and storage power comparable to the one achieved by centralized apps nowadays, but with the great security, stability, trustworthiness and transparency brought by the blockchain technology.

Meanwhile the future of technology is being invented, just chill, hodl, and read some related articles.



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