Blockdesk Ventures has done it again…this time is KSM Starter

2 min readJun 30, 2021


If you know Polkadot you may know about Kusama Network, if you don’t know Polkadot then you should be new to crypto and should go investigate about the project right now.

For those who don’t know, Kusama Network is the “twin” project of Polkadot. In brief, is a similar parachain as Kusama Network but with it’s own gobernance, token and parachains. It serves as the perfect production playground for Polkadot and as the incubator of parachains that will compete to live inside Polkadot.

With this in mind, Kusama Network has started recently their parachains auctions, meaning that the first projects are going live into the network. This surely is gonna bring higher demand for the Kusama Network token (KSM). Also this will bring a lot of projects that want to be deployed on the Kusama Network and become a parachain in its ecosystem.

What’s the key foundation type of project in crypto space to help develop and release projects? Easy, launchpads. That’s why launchpads are key in every blockchain ecosystem, and Kusama Network isn’t an exception to that.

KSM Starter is for sure a main project in the Kusama Network ecosystem that will help in the incubation, development and relase in to the market of the parachains.

BlockDesk Ventures, in our opinion, are doing a great job as an strategic investor and bringing high value projects to retail investors (check previous posts). This time they’re are bringing KSM Starter to the spot, another top notch project in the space.

If you want to participate in the pre-sale, join the Blockdesk Ventures telegram channel and complete all the tasks required to be eligible for it. By being part of the community you’ll also be able to participate in this quality pre-sales, and be up to date to other crypto opportunities and knowledge.

More info on the following links:

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