Blockscope and Peloclick validator services go carbon neutral : 0% CO2 emissions

3 min readOct 4, 2021

With the development of computer technologies and network connectivity, specially the Internet, has come a surge in electricity consumption due to the high demand in cloud and data centers servers and related devices.

Already, data centers use an estimated 200 terawatt hours each year, that is more than the national energy consumption of some countries, but half of the electricity used for transport worldwide, and just 1% of global electricity demand. Data centers contribute around 0.3% to overall carbon emissions, whereas the information and communications technology ecosystem as a whole accounts for more than 2% of global emissions.

One of the most worrying models predicts that electricity use by ICT could exceed 20% of the global total by the time a child born today reaches her teens, with data centers using more than one-third of that. If the computationally intensive cryptocurrency Bitcoin continues to grow, a sharp rise in energy demand could come sooner rather than later.

With this increasing high demand in energy, clean energy and efficient data centers play a key role in Earth sustainability. Blockchain technologies have been lately being blamed as very pollutant in special the most known Proof of Work (PoW) networks: Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Blockscope and Peloclick staking services are very aware of that and that’s why we only support networks that implement energy efficient consensus algorithms such as Proof of Stake. Although that being a nice first step on helping our society to be sustainable, we think it’s not enough.

We’ve been making changes to be sure that we validate and build or software in data centers that run on 100% green renewal energy. Where no DC is used (specially for testnets), 100% green energy by utilities’ providers is ensured. Now we’ve reached the point that our infrastructures (third party or own ones) are carbon neutral. So we are very glad to set that label in all our validators monikers.

We are also giving support to great sustainability projects that align with our views about nature and reducing human footprint. We are validators and investors in Regen Network and Ixo, two Cosmos based networks that are working hard on making a healthier planet.




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