Blockscope is now a Velas validator

2 min readSep 21, 2021


Velas, a superfast EVM compatible blockchain

When we knew about Velas project, we fell in love quite quickly, so we decided to include it in our validators portfolio. For those that don’t know about Velas we encourage you to DYOR and read about this super promising project.

But as a brief resume:
- Velas is a fork of Solana blockchain, so it’s one of the fastest blockchains in the crypto world
- Velas will implement Artificial Intelligence to its consensus algorythm (AIDPoS), to improve the traffic of the network, thus improving its throughput and speed
- Velas is fully compatible with Ethereum EVM, so all dApps and smart contracts developed on Ethereum can be migrated to Velas with little to no effort
- Velas are building a rich ecosystems of cool apps on top of it, like: social networks, distributed data storage, cloud computing, decentralized video streaming, and more.

Now you know why we like this project so much! If you are a Velas (VLX token) investor feel free to delegate to our validators running on top notch bare metal servers, you’ll help us and the Velas network and its decentralization.

Blockscope validator address: FrrQGktu3Ru5ZVid1bEGbo1PWfvWYbYyRJPmF57tnYxS
Blockscope validator url:

Also thank the Velas foundation for having trusted us as a reliable partner and delegated foundation tokens into our validator.

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