Blockscope joins Cosmos Gravity Bridge network

2 min readJan 1, 2022
Cosmos and Ethereum interoperability with the Gravity Bridge

We are proud to announce that we are starting the new year with good news, we have recently joined the validators network for Gravity Bridge.

And what is Gravity Bridge?

Gravity Bridge is a quite important network in the Cosmos ecosystem, because it serves as a bridge between Cosmos networks that want to communicate to each other, and as a bridge for those networks to access the Ethereum Network, and quite presumably any other EVM compatible out there in the future. In brief, let’s say that Gravity Bridge will act as a communication channel inside the Cosmos ecosystem and the Ethereum world.

But we think is much better that you read what the Cosmos blog has to say about the Gravity Bridge:

“An open and interoperable bridge between Ethereum and Cosmos has long been a shared vision of a fully connected Interchain, bringing together many teams to work towards the common goal of unlocking the liquidity and potential between the two ecosystems. The future of Interchain Security together with IBC, enables us to see the Cosmos ecosystem as it’s meant to be — “an ever-expanding ecosystem of interconnected apps and services, built for a decentralized future”. No one is gated away — liquidity, commerce, and staked security are all tradable assets.

In this interoperable ecosystem, Gravity Bridge’s place is a foundational piece of infrastructure, available to all Cosmos chains openly, purpose-built to update and iterate quickly, and facilitate the bridge needs of the chains that interact with it. Open markets and frictionless trading unlock liquidity for all. This is the future that uplifts all in the Cosmos network and supports the ATOM value and ecosystem for the Internet of Blockchains.

It’s no surprise that instead of silos and walled gardens, both Althea and the ICF would support an interoperable and open future.”

We think that the Gravity Bridge will have a big force in the near future in the Cosmos ecosystem and its adventure in being one of the most interoperable L0/L1 networks in the crypto space.

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