Blockscope 1 of the 3 validators selected by Cartesi’s to join Staking Mainnet Beta!

2 min readSep 29, 2021
Blockscope one of the selected early delegation pools in Cartesi

We’re pleased to announced that Blockscope will be one of the only three validators to first join the Proof of Stake delegation system on Cartesi’s network, in its first phase.

3 selected validators by Cartesi team

Blockscope has been collaborating with

team to provide ideas, feedback on improvements, and also doing testing on the new features. has trusted Blockscope to be one of the very few early stake pools in their brand new delegation system. We thank from here to all the team members that have working effortlessly to achieve this great milestone.

The new delegation system will allow CTSI token holders to delegate their tokens to secure

network, and earn rewards by doing so. This is a quite an awaited feature for the project and its investors and will help for sure grow the project.

Hope you guys delegate on our pool (available soon in Cartesi explorer), helping us on our mission of making the blockchain space the new Internet of the people and improve humanity taking it to higher stakes.




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