Fetch.ai Andromeda stake migration program

With Fetch.ai native mainnet running successfully for several months, the migration staking program is gonna take place this month of July, so for the FET investors that hold and stake ERC20 FET tokens, this is important news because all the stakes will be migrated to the native mainnet.

Blockscope is actively participating in the migration of the testnet to the new Cosmos-SDK version (Stargate) taking place the 15th of July, that will help test the new version to the ecosystem builders and ERC20 FET investors. Once everything is battle tested, the migration will take place in mainnet the 29th of July.

So if you’re interested in testing how your staking funds are gonna be migrated and that everything runs smoothly, you’re welcome to participate.

For further details read the official Fetch.ai announcements on the program on the following link, or ask in the community channels.

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