Fetch.ai new services and commission update

2 min readNov 14, 2021
New validator services that protect our delegators

In the last week a big concern about validators commission race has been raised in Fetch.ai project. Regarding this validator commission subject, we’ve decided the following action because we think is good to keep helping on Fetch.ai decentralization and because it is fair for most of our delegators.

As we want to help with Fetch network decentralization issue we’ll set a 1% commission until Fetch validator community decides what should be implemented officially (such as a minimum validator commission or other measures).

Also we want to keep our commitment to what we offered to our delegators, and for those that believe they should keep a 0% commission besides the network decentralization issues, we are providing a service to return the corresponding commissions to the wallet addresses that subscribe to this service.

All the info about this services has been described in our website in the service page. This page is accessible from the “Slashing” in the header menu, the services section in the home page, or directly by visiting this url:


Thanks to this commission increase now we are able to provide some additional services available for our delegators that they will like for sure because those protect them from common risks in crypto investments. This services are not only available to Fetch.ai network but to all our validators running on Cosmos and Substrate networks.

Slash Insurance Protection

We provide insurance for our delegators in case that our validator nodes get slashed caused by uptime. If that event happens our delegators will get refunded with the losses originated by that slashing event.

Anti Scammers Operations

We provide IT operations to help you recover your funds from a compromised account by scammers. We already have helped some of our delegators to recover successfully 100% of their funds from compromised accounts by scammers. This is a win-win for us, because we help you and make scams harder (only available for undelegating tokens).

The detailed info about this additional services is also available in our website in the service page.





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