Metamall a crypto VR shopping platform investment opportunity by Blockdesk Ventures

3 min readJan 6, 2022


Metamall a VR crypto shopping experience built on Solana

Usually the best way to invest in the crypto and startup worlds is getting into private sale rounds. What are private sales? Private sales are just closed sales with a limited number of tokens or actions to buy at a very discounted price for a very limited number of investors. Usually these investors are whales and VC funds, so the retail investor are not allowed to partcipate in these rounds.

Lately in the crypto world appeared the so well known launchpads (are lots of them, and we’ll talk about them in another post). These launchpads allow retail investors to particpate in private sales of the projects that are handled by each launchpad, in exchange the retail investor need to hold or stoke an amount of tokens of the launchpad.

This has been a nice advancement for the retail investor and a lot of launchpads have emerged in the space. The problem is that with so many retail investors the amount that they can invest is quite small in exchange of the big investment they have to do in the launchpad tokens (sometimes thousands of dollars to get 10–30$ of private sales allocations). So usually is a big investment with slow returns due to small allocations.

To solve this, BlockDesk Ventures gives access to retail investors to private sales with quite nice allocations, usually 500$ to 1000$ (though this varies between projects), in quailty projects. In exchange, the retail investor does not have to hold any token or make any monetary investment, but be an active member of the community and help with easy tasks such as promoting the projects that Blockdesk Ventures are investing in. Ain’t it easy? It is.

The latest project (as I write) that BlockDesk Ventures is offering to their community members is Metamall the first Virtual Reality shopping platform in crypto. Metamall is a Solana based metaverse platform, aimed for trading in virtual malls. Imagine virtual malls with virtual shops that trade virtual items as NFTs, all based in VR and blockchain technologies. Sounds cool? It does to me for sure.

But as always is better that you Do Your Own Research and see with your eyes what is this Metamall project all about. Check their website for more info, and if you want to get a good in depth explanation in video, check this one made by the Blockdesk Ventures community…and don’t forget to join the BlockDesk Ventures community (telegram links at the end of the article) to get access to cool crypto projects investment opportunities like this one.

Metamall website.

BlockDesk Ventures website

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