Nearscope explorer and analytics — v0.0.2 release

4 min readSep 5, 2022


We are happy to announce the new version release of our Near explorer and analytics platform, Nearscope. This new version is loaded with new features and improvements over the previous one. So here it is a list containing the most important ones:

Tesnet Support

Suppor for testnet network, you can now switch from Near’s mainnet to testnet through the network menu located in the site’s header

Global Features

Added new currencies: australian dollar, New Zealand dollar, Hong Kong dollar, Singapur dollar, argentinian peso, brazilian real, chilean peso, mexican peso, and bolívar from Venezuela.

Tables (validators, delegators, rewards) display configuration is stored to remember your preferences on new visits to the site.

Network Dashboard

New validator performance progress bar chart to display the network performance, and data about overall validator blocks/chunks production

New “All” tab in validators table for displaying all validators (the ones in active, proposal or kickout status)

Added several improvements to validators table: color coded columns, new columns for: APY, in epoch pool size change, pool stake ratio (centralization) and color code status badges to warn about bad validator performance

Delegator Page

Improvements in accounts info and distribution chart

More charts to track historically staked balances, earnings, yields and commission between all you validators

Account information sections organized with tabs

Validator Page

Improved validator uptime and stake information, now includes synchronization information as well as in epoch stake changes, with colorful text

Included connected peers data into uptime chart

Added new chart with blocks/chunks production

Added new chart with network average validator commission and delegator earnings yield (APY)

Added new chart with pool earnings and share over the network yield (APY)

Added new section for validator delegations with charts subsection, including pool stake distribution chart, stake concentration chart and liquid staking pools details

and delegators list subsection, that enables you to order by any column, filter by and minimum and maximum stake/unstake ammounts

Validator information sections organized with tabs too

Added badges in validator information card to warn users about validators that have not updated to the latest version and staking pools being too big for network decentralization.

Visit Nearscope

Hope you enjoy the new features and improvements, and as always we’re willing to here new proposals from the community for the coming versions.

But always better to see and use it by yourself, so visit Nearscope platform with the link below.




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