Nearscope explorer and analytics — v0.0.3-beta release

4 min readJan 23, 2023

We are happy to announce the new version release of our Near explorer and analytics platform, Nearscope. This new version is loaded with new features and improvements over the previous one. So here it is a list containing the most important ones:

Global Features

Visual alerts for:

  • calculating data on new epochs
  • issues with backend connectivity (RPCs, API’s, etc.)
Alerts for user feedback on platform events and issues

Tooltips for in depth info in those components with complex data

Tooltips on many user interface components to explain information provided.

404 pages when browsing to non existen accounts or validator pages

404 pages for not found resources

Nested routing for UI tabs. You can now access directly to a tab (for example validator Delegations tab) via url, or reload the page and don’t loose the focus on the tab.

Nested routes for better browsing

Near Wallet integration to access sensible data by account owners only (by the moment permissions only apply to metrics panel, more on that panel later…)

Near Wallet integration menu

Zoom feature for fitting the user interface to your needs

Zoom level menu

Dashboard page Features

We’ve made a full complete dashboard to grasp how the network it’s performing. We’ve added several charts for that.

Version Distribution Chart
  • Version Distribution: displays the distribution of software that nodes are running
  • Historical Network Performance: displays the overall performance of the network and the block time by epochs
  • Historical Network Stake: displays the APY of the network and the TVL of the network by epochs
  • Historical Validators: displays number of active validators and number of validators running the latest software version by epochs
  • Historical Validators Missing Blocks: displays the number of validators that are missing blocks/chunks and the total stake associated to those validators missing blocks/chunks by epochs
  • Historical Block Production: displays network performance as the blocks produced versus the blocks expected by epochs
  • Historical Chunk Production: displays network performance as the chunks produced versus the chunks expected by epochs
Dashboard Network Charts

Validator page Features

New metrics panel to allow pool owners to check the performance of their node (nodes metrics endpoint should be accessible and the wallet of the pool owner needs to be connected)

Validator node metrics dashboard

Search page Features

We’ve created a Recommended Validators section with a scoring algorythm to help delegators choose solid performing nodes, with adequate commission and that help decentralize the network and make it more secure.

Recommended validators section

New Validators Page

Now the list of validators have been moved from the dashboard main page to the its own page. Also some interface improvements have been added, like abusive commission visual alerts.

Better visual alerts

New Projects Page

List of interesting selected Near projects classified by type

Near projects page

If you’re already a user of Nearscope we hope you like the new features and sections, if not, you should start using it today by clicking on the following link.




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