Nearscope — our brand new Near Protocol dashboard goes live

4 min readAug 5, 2022


Nearscope is a brand new Near Protocol dashboard for validators and delegators

We’ve been talking with Near Protocol team members to create a tool that was kind of missing in the ecosystem, so after some debates and several months of work, we are happy to announce that Nearscope, a new brand dashboard for the Near ecosystem, has come to live.

We wanted a dashboard that displays useful data about the network, its nodes, and staking with charts, stats, tables, etc. and that also provides missing useful utilities like rewards calculations and reports generation for both validators and delegators.

Let’s walk through some of the features of Nearscope.

Main dashboard

When you enter the portal you access to the main dashboard, that is intended to display important and sensitive data about Near Protocol network and its economics. In this page we can find:

  • epoch status
  • validators latest version upgrade ratio
  • last block signed
  • Near token price chart and market data
  • protocol total value locked and yield returns (APY)
  • list with all the validators with orderable columns and search filter
Nearscope — main dashboard

Search Page

We’ve also developed a search feature to find your delegator accounts or validator nodes easily. You type on the search box and get the results for both (accounts and validators), then you can just click on the one you wish to go visit its detail page.

Nearscope — search feature

Validator detail Page

This page is designed with both (delegator and validators) user profiles in mind, and it displays useful and relevant information about the validator. For example:

  • validator info: logo, name, pool id, website, email, location, used Near version, description and other contact info
  • performance charts for blocks and chunks produced
  • performance and delegation stats
  • historical charts for performance, pool size, delegators count, and commission
  • rewards report with date filtering, day/epoch aggregation and export to CSV file feature
Nearscope — validator detail page
Nearscope — validator rewards report

Delegator detail Page

For Near accounts that are delegating tokens to validators in the Near network we have also developed a detail page, that shows relevant info and provide useful report tooling to the Near holder.

  • account info: balance, distribution, storage usage, …
  • historical charts of delegation earnings and yield interest rates
  • a list with all delegations to validators made from the account
  • rewards report with date filtering, day/epoch aggregation and export to CSV file feature
Nearscope — delegator detail page
Nearscope — delegators rewards report

Multi-currency Support

And last but not least important, we’ve added multiple currencies support to update all the interface data with the selected currency, so you can use the currency used in your country of residency to generate reports or just to display the data in a more meaningful way for you.


We want Nearscope to be a full-fledged platform for the Near ecosystem, so our work does not stop here, and we’ll keep building new and interesting features in the near future. Feel free to send us feedback and/or sugestions with the missing features you would love to be included in next versions of the platform.

In the meantime, hope you find it usefull and use it often to monitor your validators, accounts and stake earnings. And if you like and want to help us to improve it, all delegations to our validator pool/node are welcome!

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