Omniflix mainnet goes live, Blockscope selected to be part of the genesis launch

3 min readFeb 27, 2022
Omniflix, a Cosmos based chain for NFT’s marketplaces and DAOs

Cosmos ecosystem has been lately on fire and for good reasons, lot of projects in the ecosystem have been blooming, and very interesting ones in our opinion.

One of the most interesting is Omniflix, and they have recently launched their mainnet network successfully. For that task the Omniflix has selected a group of 60 validators to form the network at its first stage, we are glad and thankfull to Omniflix team for having selected Blockscope to be one of those active validators.

What is Omniflix?

Omniflix is a blockchain that serves a decentrilized media and network layer for content creators where they will be able to manage their works thhough web3 dapps. NFT’s and related protocols are the base mechanism for this content ecosystems.

Another interesthing of Osmosis is that being a Cosmos/Tendermint project can be connected to any other network connected to the Cosmos IBC, enabling the transit of tokens and NFT’s back and forth those networks, creating a lot of possibilities for NFT’s in Cosmos space.

Other things that Omniflix will provide to NFTs are fractional ownership of tokens, royalties and many more to come. But that’s not all, NFT’s markets and marketplaces to operate with on-chain NFT assets and monetizing them.

So, expect the burnt the born of many decentralized on top of eat that will empower the NFT’s ecosystem in the Cosmos network. By now, the Omniflix team has been working relentlessly and their first apps in the Omniflix network genesis. For us, not marketing but building is the main thing in crypto and what really brings value to the space.

OmniFlix Studio

Omniflix Studio is one of those apps, and allows users to create tokenized assets and communities. Minting, managing and monitoring tokens and NFT’s empowering communities.

You can already access and use their app, you just need a Keplr wallet installed on your browser. As the tokens are not yet available to the public, Omniflix will pay the transactions fees in the operations you do inside the app.

OmniFlix Nucleus

Nucleus if a platform for self publishing digital media and NFTs from across networks, enabling enterprises, studios and DAO’s distribute their content without loosing ownership of the assets.

And more to come… is a single profile to showcase your digital media NFTs/collectibles from across chains & networks. So don’t need to create your own brand platform to trade your art content or whatever NFTs you offer. is a dapp oriented for broadcasts, video streaming, interactive videos, etc. Next generation streaming services are here, and are yours instead of being owned by big companies that we all know about.

If you’re interested in this project don’t forget to visit their website and begin using their new brand apps, and wait for much more to come!




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