Polkadex achieves almost 20M$ staked in 2 months

We’ve published some articles about Polkadex before, and why we think it’s a very interesting project in the area of DeFi and AMM’s (aka DEXes).

Now the project has achieved an important goal of hitting 20 million $ worth of tokens staked into network, securing it, by more than 1000 delegators. Also, more than 100 validators support the network in this short period of time, and we are happy to have contributed to that, along with our partners Bloclick Staking, deploying some servers into the network.

We are just anxious to see what the upcoming software is able to do, and how it becomes an essential piece in Polkadot’s DeFi ecosystem.

For futher info about the project, visit Polkadex official website.



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