Scale3 integrates Blockscope’s Sui Sonar dashboard 🌊

2 min readSep 11, 2023


Scale3 integrates Blockscope’s Sui dashboard into their validator monitoring platform.

A couple months ago we implemented Sui Sonar Dashboard for Sui validators, based on the official Grafana dashboard from the Mysten Labs team for monitoring all the nodes in the network.

After some feedback from Mysten Labs team, we released the dashboard to the community for public use, so it could help other validators monitor their nodes and improve Sui network uptime performance and diagnose network issues.

Sui Sonar grafana Dashboard

Scale3 has now integrated Sui Sonar Dashboard into their platform, providing the features and metrics from the monitoring dashboard to their users.

Scale3 is the leading web3 monitoring, alerting, and logging platform for validators and developers, founded by ex-Coinbase engineers. Their platform provides support for most Layer 1 blockchain networks (including Ethereum, Sui, Solana, Base, Near, Aptos, Avalanche, Polygon, and more). Using Scale3, you can set up a monitoring dashboard; instrument host-level, network-level, and onchain validator-specific alerts; and collaborate on troubleshooting any incidents related to your validator, easily.

If you’re a node operator or validator, we recommend you to visit their website to learn more, and sign up to simplify all aspects of node / validator operations. Additionally, they recently partnered with Mysten Labs, and as a result, any Sui validator now has free access to their monitoring platform.

Sui Sonar monitoring platform for Sui validators

You can also check and join Sui Sonar, our Discord monitoring platform that helps monitor Sui network and its nodes and already used by most of the validator teams in the Sui network.

We take one step further in providing value to the Sui ecosystem and will keep on doing that in the future. 🌊🚀




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