Sui the new contender to the king of L1s, is launching in just 2 days 🌊

2 min readMay 1, 2023


Sui network, one of the most advanced layer 1 blockchains in the crypto space, is about to launch in just a couple of days.

Some may refer to Sui as the next Solana killer or the the Aptos cousin, but even though it has a bit of both, Sui is a very interesting piece of technology of its own kind. Haven’t heard of it yet? Then keep reading to know a bit more about.

Some of the key benefits of Sui

  • Great Performance: during some benchmarks done on Sui testnet networks, the network has achieved an awesome 290.000 TPS (transactions per second)
  • Horizontal Scalability: if the network reaches its max performance capacity, validators can add more servers to scale network performance even more…if ever needed
  • Parallelization: Sui enables parallel agreement on causally independent transactions and making most transactions processable in parallel. This avoids network congestion, lower finality times and bigger throughput.
  • Low Latency: Sui has very low latency for common transactions like payments and transfers, and also very low finality times (under 1 second)
  • Move Programming Language: Sui Move is the programming language for its smart contracts. Move is the next generation programming language derived from Rust and created at Facebook’s offices for their Libra blockchain.

Use cases, ideal for gaming

With such good features, Sui is an ideal blockchain to create web3 apps of any kind, but these are some the use cases that Sui fits the most:

  • Finance: due to near instant peer 2 peer payments makes Sui a great option for developing DeFi and TradFi applications, with throughput and security as its foundation.
  • Institutional: due to the nature of institutional applications, security is one of the main priorities. Sui and Move language are secure by nature, so coding secure applications becomes much easier developers and security auditors.
  • Web3 Gaming: due to Sui’s capabilities for transaction parallelization, great throughput and near instant transfers, make it ideal for web3 gaming. In fact, Sui has already several game development companies as partners that will build some serious games on it.

Launch in just 2 days

As you may know by the title of this article, Sui is launching mainnet (after several successful testnets) in a couple of days. So better not to miss out its launch if you want to acquire SUI tokens (exchanges: Bybit, OKX and KuCoin) and stay tuned to what it has to bring to the table in the crypto space.




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