uScope our new monitoring tool for Umee validator nodes

uScope, a Blockscope monitoring tool for Umee validators

Blockscope have been validating in Umee since the begining of the network (in the early testnets), and we’ve been rewarded by the Umee DAO with foundation delegations. We thank the Umee DAO for this and as gratitude we have developed a new validator monitoring tool for the validator community.

We’ve called it uScope (as a mixture of Umee and Blockscope). Anyways, what is uScope? It’s a monitoring tool written in GoLang to monitor and alert about peggo issues mainly, but also includes alerts for RPC (Umee and Ethereum) malfunctioning, low balances in Peggo orchestrator accounts (Umee and Ethereum), and some other features such as Ping.

We’ve had some fun coding this tool and are willing to keep improving it in the future and release some interesting features in it. By the moment, we hope you find it useful and set it up in your Umee validator monitoring stack to keep your Peggo always in sync.

For installation instructions check the README file in uScope repository.



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