We are now Fetch.ai validators

Fetch.ai is one of those projects that brings looks into it, because it takes a very useful and blooming technology such as AI and brings it to life integrating it into the blockchain ecosystem with a very smart and robust approach.

For us is a no brainer that AI will become a decentralized service for humanity, opposed to the current centralized systems that are provided by big companies. Fetch.ai begins its way to becoming one of those decentralized services used by distributed apps that bring AI to the users and distributed digital economy to developers and infrastructure providers.

As soon as we knew the project we believed in it and got invested in FET token, now we are proud to share that we have gone a step further and have become a Fetch.ai validator supporting their native network and helping its decentralization.

Welcome to the future of bots and their digital economy.

For more info visit our website or just drop as your questions in our Telegram channel.

Website: https://blockscope.net
Telegram: https://t.me/blockscope12BDqxGu01kyYj



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