🧟 Zomblox - our new alerting tool for the Solana Foundation

2 min readJul 4, 2022
Zomblox, a Solana alerting tool

In the last months and with the help of the

Foundation, we’ve been developing and testing a new monitoring tool for Solana validator servers. So we are glad to announce the release of the alpha version of Zomblox our alerting/monitoring tool.

There are not many options for

validator monitoring besides the ones that are based on Prometheus + Grafana + an Alerter. This tools are great but usually need some decent amount of work to install and config all the software involved in the validator and the monitoring server. So we wanted a tool that is easy to install, config and customize, and that would also provide helpful information on your validator status.

Disclaimer: this is not a replacement for a good Prometheus / Grafana setup, but a complementary solution to improve your validator monitoring and alerting, and also as a good starting point for those who are not so skilled with other tools like Prometheus, Zabbix or other.

Though it’s been a bit harder for us, we’ve built Zomblox as a bash shell script to simplify the installation and make it easier for you admins to modify the code to your needs.

Zomblox main feature is to send useful messages to Discord channels via webhooks or to Telegram bots, though it also prints messages in the validator shell itself.

Zomblox Discord messages example

Zomblox tries to send useful information to you, so messages are divided into categories, and sections making use of emojis to make messages more accesible.

Zomblox message for alerting your Solana validator

Tough we’ve been testing it for a while, we’re in alpha version, so if you want to give it a try and help us spot bugs, provide feedback or propose new features to be implemented in the future, we will thank you for that. We will be attending GitLab issues in Zomblox repository, but also you can ping us by Discord (user: feida | Blockscope.net#8484 , you can find feida in Solana’s Discord server validator channels) or by email at blockscope@protonmail.com.

Check our GitLab repo for installation and usage instructions.

Hope you like it and find it useful!!! 🧟




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